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Extreme Makeover Project



Our church building is the spiritual home of our church family. Like every home, we want ours to be comfortable and functional. Our church structure is a vital tool for ministry, too. We want to ensure it continues to be a welcoming place for all who need to hear the gospel message.

That's why we're giving loving attention to some inside areas of our church. With our Extreme Makeover: Lehman Edition project, we aim to focus on the comfortable family feeling we cherish at Lehman, while becoming better equipped to welcome the next generation to our church family.








  PROGRESS REPORT, August 15, 2018  

Free WIFI and much more! 

It’s here – free public wifi on the Lehman campus that provides convenience and a welcoming atmosphere to our members, visitors, and the community! From your device’s Settings, select LehmanGuest for wifi access anytime you’re here. No password is required.

The front wall in B14 received a big, beautiful upgrade! Unattractive pipes, vents, and wiring are now neatly concealed behind brand new closet doors. In addition to housing and allowing access to the room's utilities, the closets provide an ample amount of new storage space for our active church.


Paint has added an amazing dimension to our B14 transformation. Careful color choices have been made, and the walls have been painted a soft gray, punctuated by deeper gray millwork. In color psychology, gray is an inviting hue that represents peace, balance, and safety – a perfect choice for our new multi-purpose room.


Behind the paintbrushes are two awesome volunteers. Hard working, ever-smiling Property Committee volunteers John Gillin and Tom Clark (right), have put in hours and hours of work to upgrade the room. We are so appreciative of their time, energy, and expertise! Thanks so much for all you do!












 PROGRESS REPORT, March 25, 2018


Take a look at the beautiful custom shelving that was installed in several closets in our new Resource Center this week. The sturdy new shelves help to maximize storage capabilities in the room. Items stored in the closets will be safe and easy to locate, thanks to the wide double doors and the strong, real wood shelves. 










 PROGRESS REPORT, March 16, 2018

Work is underway for our Extreme Makeover: Lehman Edition project! In the new Resource Center (B14), roomy closets and new, sturdy shelves are being constructed, the children's area is being reconfigured, and contractors are being consulted; plans for church-wide wifi installation are being made, and the library face lift has begun. We have quite a way to go, but it is incredibly exciting to begin this project that will bring so many benefits to our church community! We'll keep you informed as progress is made! 




New, sturdy shelves in roomy closets with sliding doors.  Updated children's book area.





Making plans for church-wide wifi installation.





The library face-lift begins.



Makeover plans currently include: rejuvenating our Library space; adding wifi service throughout the building; and creating a Resource Center with current media capabilities in Room B14. These improvements will add modern, flexible space that's ideal for group connection and the vibrant activities of our families and congregation. Addressing the technology expectations of young people and creating a bright, inviting atmosphere can also attract new members to our Lehman family.

Our congregation will play a big part in making our Makeover happen! We'll need your prayers and support throughout the process. We'll ask for your ideas for creative and effective ways to raise funds to support the project. And we'll keep you informed every step of the way!