Workshop Rotation Grades 1-4

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What is Workshop Rotation?
Workshop rotation is a way of teaching Bible stories and concepts by incorporating  different types of learning styles.  This is accomplished by using a variety of kid-friendly “workshops” – art, drama, games, movies, and computers.  Unlike traditional Sunday school, where the children go to the same classroom with the same teacher each week; Rotation allows the children to move to a different classroom each week while concentrating on the same Bible story over a 5 week period .
How Does Rotation Work?
There are 5 different workshop rooms.  Each workshop room has a different teacher and age appropriate activities that teach the Bible story in a fun and interactive way.  The classrooms are colorful and set the mood for each workshop. 
  • Gospel Games (Room B8) – Uses games and other hands on activities  to teach Bible truths.
  • Salvation Science (Room B2) – Children discover God's word through experiments & scientific activities.
  • Covenant Theater (Room B4) – Allows the children to act out Bible stories by using skits, puppets and music.
  • Keys to the Kingdom (Computers) (Room B1) –  Bible learning through technology by using various computer programs such as kid pix, printmaster and other Christian software.
  • Creation Station (Arts and Crafts)(Room B2) – Offers lots of opportunity for the children to express their creativity while learning God’s word.
Where Do I Send My Child?

To know where to send your child on Sunday morning, please check the bulletin boards at each entrance downstairs that are marked “Rotation”.  That will tell you what room your child goes to each week. You can also check the schedule on the website or click here to download a printable version. 


What is a Shepherd?

Since the children go to a different room each week and see a different leader each week, we understand that it is important for your child to also see a “familiar face” each week.  To do this, we have a volunteer for each age group who will be there weekly and travel with them as they go to each workshop. These “shepherds” play an important role in making the children comfortable.  They get to know the children and relate to them on a more personal level.  Because the shepherds see the children weekly, they are there to celebrate with them and comfort them during the ups and downs of childhood.  


How Can I Help?

First, talk to your child each week and ask them what they are doing and learning.  This lets them know that you think Sunday school is important.  Next, pray for those leaders and shepherds who work with the children each week.  Finally, volunteer when a need arises.  Your help is a vital part of all the children’s ministries at Lehman.