Worship 13 September 2020

The time has arrived - we are worshiping together outside this Sunday, September 13th, at 10 a.m. (a single service).

Here's how it'll work: If you have no mobility concerns and can do so, please park in the Aaron's parking lot on the other side of York Road, and walk over to the Lehman Avenue parking lot with a folding chair from home. Those who have difficulty doing either of those are welcome to park in the York Road lot and simply walk around the church. There will be "ushers" to assist you and don't worry if you don't have a chair as we'll have a few on hand.

When you get to the Lehman Avenue parking lot, you'll be asked to find a spot for you and your family. Please center yourself between the lines of the parking spots, and you'll be well-distanced from others joining us. Orient yourselves toward the side of the church where we'll lead worship. Ushers will come around to give you a song sheet (we'll try to have something you can see on your phone as well), and will also make their way around to receive your offering if you would like to be prepared to give during the service. Please bring and wear your masks regardless, and keep them on for the duration of the service, especially when singing. Karen Douglass, our parish nurse, will be present to meet any concerns you have and to keep you safely distanced!

A couple of things to remember: There is still no direct greeting of one another, even when walking to and from the church. While we don't mean to put a damper on that, we must continue to promote those actions that will keep us healthy.

Inclement weather plan: We hate to say this, but Sunday may not be without the rain. If that is the case, we will try to inform you on Saturday via another email update or whatever way you received this information. If you don't get a message, come to church (you can always call someone to confirm, of course. However, if it starts to rain just prior to worship as we are gathering, we will have to turn around and head home. In that case, the service will be live-streamed from inside the church at 11 a.m., which should give you time to get home and give us a chance to get everything inside. 

So, to recap the basic details:

  1. Bring a lawn/camping chair from home

  2. Park at Aaron's (if you can)

  3. Set up in a parking space in the big parking lot

  4. Wear your mask

  5. Pay attention to any other calls/emails/messages

  6. Enjoy at least seeing one another

Looking forward to seeing you before 10 a.m. Sunday.